In Studio Production House we strongly believe in creating strong character driven cinematic experiences. And the story of Sečovlje Saline Nature Park is one of a kind. On the Slovenian coast, where the River Dragonja flows out into the Adriatic Sea, the Piran salt pans were formed more than 700 years ago. These are the only salt pans still in operation in this part of the Adriatic, and they maintain the traditional process of making salt by hand. Here, using the traditional method of salt harvesting typical of the Mediterranean, the salt makers obtain sea salt as they have always done. This is also a region of amazing light and pure cinematography delight. We kindly invite you to experience this amazing Nature Park and enjoy it as much as we did.

Client: Feel Slovenia
Production company: Studio Production House
Director-dop: Drazen Stader
Postproduction: Studio Production House
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