We get up and we keep making magic happen. We invite you to our new collection of tourism and lifestyle projects highlights. It’s been a pure joy creating these projects and we hope you enjoy this sunny good vibe visual ride. Thanks to all the agencies and creatives involved in making these gorgeous images come to life.

Production company: Produkcija Studio
Clients: I feel Slovenia, Turizem Ljubljana, Turizem Kočevsko, Nebesa Chalets, Ringana, Sava Hotels
Production company: Produkcija Studio
Agencies: Nea Culpa, Moodley Austria, Youtree,
Directors: Drazen Stader – for I feel Slovenia & Turizem Ljubljana, Jasa Koceli for Kocevsko & Pravljicno Celje, Dusan Potrc for Ringana, Marko Kumer for Nebesa Chalets, Miha Knific for Sava Hotels
Director of photography: Drazen Stader
Postproduction service: Produkcija Studio
Video and tech support: Provideo rentals provideorentals.com