The video and photo production of My Way – new promotional campaign for I feel Slovenia

It’s been a wild ride and we loved every second of it. With a schedule of 22 shootings days that included 2 x red dragon cameras and a van full of technical goodies such as arri-skypanels, dji drones, a movi pro, underwater housings and a whole lot of Aputure lights we went on a filmmaking quest with one single purpose: to capture our green, active and healthy Slovenia in an absolutely stunning way.  




The new communication strategy entitled My way focuses on genuine Slovenian experiences that value authenticity, inspiring stories and unique moments that create lifetime memories. Our filmmaking journey was focused on showing Slovenia as a an ideal green boutique destination for a 5-star experience.



And this is how we went in search for unique stories, authenticity and new forms of luxury of travel through Slovenia in order to produce 42 inspiring image videos to be distributed across worldwide TV and web platforms.

In order to keep this promise, we needed to approach this project in a mobile yet highly professional way. Our mission had one single goal: deliver high-quality, authentic images with local flavor. This required a refined docu- advertising approach that strongly focuses on personal experience.



As they say – one cannot experience Slovenia solely through images, one has to feel it – in words, sounds, colors, textures and actions. Just in case you haven’t already done so, check our promotional image videos – and then you can plan your journey your way.


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