Smartphone video: 5 big advantages (the 5th one is absolutely amazing)

So with today’s blog post we are starting our smart phone mini series which will teach you how to shoot great looking video using just your smart phone. But before we continue there is this one thing that you should now about me. I caught a film bug very early in my life, after finishing high school I went to film academy where we shot the majority of our student work on film cameras while still using film stock, and immediately after finishing the Academy I’ve founded my own video production company that has grown into a full video agency with well over 100 million online views in the last 2 decades.

For the past 20 years of my life I live, eat and breath visual language and I am always on the hunt for that cinematic look and feel, eager to learn new ways of how to visually express myself. And somewhere along that path smart phones slowly crawled into mainstream and became a huge part of the mobile videography and now even mobile cinematography.

And to be completely honest with you my fellow content creators the idea of shooting great looking video on the smart phone didn’t seemed appealing to me, at least not at first sight. I mean how could this little, tiny thing produce anything of quality? Right? A tiny little voice inside of me was screaming. I am a filmmaker I need big trucks, heavy cameras, lots of tech and a big crew to make my vision a reality?  Can you relate? Well since then things have changed quit a bit at least for me.

From generation to generation smartphones have proved to have better and better image and video quality. The colors got more accurate, slow motion frames rates were at the reach of my finger and then came a moment when I realized it is time to give smart phones a chance.

That was the moment I realized that smart phones have become more than just fancy piece od tech that fits in my pocket. Actually along the way they transformed themselves into a powerful mobile story telling tool that is available to all of us.

Needless to say that a smart phone was on many occasions the only camera I had with me, so basically I had to roll with what I got. I had to accept and adapt to the fact that nowadays smart phones are delivering video as good as some video cameras that I used 10 years ago on professional client projects.

So these are some of the reasons that me and my team are starting our mini smart phone video series, with the intention to teach you the basics of shooting great looking video using just your smart phone. Once for all I want to clarify that having an expensive, heavy cinema camera is not what makes anyone a filmmaker. Sure having great gear can help, but It is the knowledge of the foundations of the visual language  and expression the so called visual literacy that is the crucial ingredient that makes you an intentional visual storyteller worth watching.

So in todays first episode of the smart phone video series we discuss the 5 small limitations and the 5 big advantages of shooting video on a smartphone. Make sure to check it out and stay till the end, beacuse the 5th advantage is absolutely amazing.