Line producing of “Superleague: War for Football” – A Journey into Documentary Filmmaking for AppleTV+

How often do we watch a gripping documentary series and marvel at its seamless storytelling and captivating visuals, without truly understanding the immense effort and meticulous planning that goes on behind the scenes?

“Super League: War for Football”, a groundbreaking documentary series for Apple TV+ directed by Jeff Zimbalist that explores the intricate world of professional football, is a perfect example of the monumental undertaking that is documentary filmmaking. Additionally, the series has just received 2 nominations for Emmy Award for the best sports documentaries.

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Smartphone video: 5 big advantages (the 5th one is absolutely amazing)

So with today’s blog post we are starting our smart phone mini series which will teach you how to shoot great looking video using just your smart phone. But before we continue there is this one thing that you should now about me. I caught a film bug very early in my life, after finishing high school I went to film academy where we shot the majority of our student work on film cameras while still using film stock, and immediately after finishing the Academy I’ve founded my own video production company that has grown into a full video agency with well over 100 million online views in the last 2 decades.

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Three point lighting

With today’s post we are starting our cinematography 101 mini series with our favourite topic of them all – lighting. In cinematography there are 3 main light roles that you are going to use to light your subject face in a basic three-point lighting setup. These three main lights  are the Key light, the fill light and the back light which is also sometimes known as a rim light or a hair light. Before we proceed we would like to make a note that the backlight and the rim light are not the same, but for the purpose of our today’s post we can treat the rim light and the backlight as lights coming from the same family.

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The birth of Aktiva group branded video

Great companies know how to value their trusted customers, and great video production houses know how to deliver cinematic storytelling to their clients. We are launching a new branded video for Aktiva group, a super successful Slovenian company comprised of three main pillars: Aktiva Security, Aktiva Cleaning and Aktiva Facility Management. The client approached us with a single request.  They challenged us to creatively craft the story of 3 newly merged companies, and deliver a strong  cinematic story with a tangible message that common people could relate to. 6 shooting days all across top Slovenian locations: including seaside, urban lifestyle resorts, modern business facilities and big sports arena led us to this epic final branded video.