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Nikon d800 - I am the carnival

I was invited for a test ride of the new nikon d800 and decided to take it out for a spin. Since I am more into storytelling than charts I went outside and made this little film with just one lens the gorgeous and very versatile AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Autofocus Lens. I must say that so far I am really impressed with the camera's performance. Full review, a short fiction film and extensive tests with atomos ninja will be available very soon.

Slices of life caught during the Ljubljana's carnival. Simple moments of excitement, happiness and joy in company of great kids shot on the new nikon d800.

Shot and edited by: Drazen Stader
Camera provided by: Nikon Slovenia
Music by: Eliza Doolittle

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The amazing Nadiya Bychkova
Walk with me
Farmer wants a wife - intro
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Dirrrty Movie
Breath - Last day of summer
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Dirrrty movie teaser
Lazy Afternoon - the joy of skateboarding
Nikon d800 - I am the carnival
Radio 1 tv ad - Making of
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As ti tut not padu - Pimpin and hustlin with Jurif
As ti tut not padu - Somelier
As ti tut not padu - Jure Garac