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The argument tv news promo

With all this noise around us it is getting harder and harder to decide where to look, who to listen and most important who to trust. That's the reason we need The Argument - a new Planet Tv news format that delivers trustworthy information to its viewers. In a great company of the amazing host Mirko Mayer we created this fresh, dynamic straight in your face TV promo.
Client: Planet TV
Production: Studio Production House
Host: Mirko Mayer
Director-dop: Drazen Stader
Head of online promo, creative editor: Matic Marc
Postproduction: Planet Tv promo team
Copyright: Klemen Šefer
Sound design: Matevž Selan
Make up: Sarah Bamburač
Shot using: red dragon 6k, flowcine, movi pro freefly systems, terradek, dji innovations, small hd monitors

The argument tv news promo
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